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Appliances 4 Less America offers a wide selection of discounted refrigerators, freezers, cooking appliances, dishwashers, range hood, washers, dryers, and more. Our inventory is loaded with new, reconditioned, and slightly scratched or dented appliances, many of which can be purchased at up to 50% off the regular price elsewhere.

 Find your nearest store today!​ Our knowledgeable in-store shopping assistants will help you through the whole process and just the right appliance for your needs.

What is a “scratch & dent” appliance?

Occasionally a major appliance leaves the factory and has a scratch or dent on it somewhere. These appliances are fully operational, but the cosmetic issues were discovered before customer delivery. In most cases, these appliances were never used. While the original factory carton has been removed, these units are protected with corner boards and are wrapped in protective film. Appliances such as these can be purchased by consumers at steep discounts. 

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Customer Testimonials

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“We decided to visit our local A4L retail store A4L after the appliance store near us closed and the usual big box stores didn’t have quite what we were looking for. The washing machine we purchased from A4L has been great and we were pleased with A4L’s deep discounts. Unlike big box stores where there are only a couple of sales people, we were impressed with the amount of sales people on the floor dedicated to appliances. They helped us make a great and informed buying decision.”

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A4L’s delivery was prompt! They kept us up to date on the delivery with text and calls, which was great appreciated. Installation was hassle free too!  This was a terrific place with great service and fantastic prices. We would definitely recommend A4L!

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This is the second time that I bought something from an A4L store and this was yet another great experience. A quick call to the store and the sales guy immediately gave me a great price on a unit that I wanted and they delivered it quickly. The product quality is superb, and practically new, with only some slight scratches.

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