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The TP-88 series range hoods are our proudest models to introduce to all of our customers. The TP-88 series are using the most effective design principle to make this product the most efficient range hood within the industry.

Available in 30' and 36'.

New Ventilation Concept

The TP-88 Direct Suction Range Hood uses whole new ventilation concept to use wind to guide all the smoke and grease through a barrier-free vent, preventing the building up of the grease. 


Unlike any traditional range hood, the TP-88 does not require extensive cleaning even after months of use. All the smoke and grease are sucked out of the kitchen and customers can expect a grease/odor free kitchen with this product.


Japanese Patented Motor

The turbine on the TP-88 is specially designed by a Taiwanese designer with their Japanese patented motor. The barrier-free ventilation system will guide all the grease into the turbine and separate it from the smoke. After the grease is separated from the smoke, the grease will flow through the grease tube into the oil trough.

Convenient Removable Oil Trough

Unlike any other traditional range hoods, the TP-88 place the oil trough directly under the hood at a reachable place. The screwless design of the oil trough making the grease removing procedure effortless. 


Customers no longer have to wait for professionals to clean the oil trough. There is no need to unmount or open the hood. Customers can simply take it off, clean, and put it back on.

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