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Appliances 4 Less America is a chain owned by Frontier Investment Group LLC. With warehouses and retail appliance stores owned and operated by exclusive regional distributors all across the United States. The chain sells a wide variety of discounted customer returned/scratch and dent appliances, mainly from major global brands such as LG and Samsung.

Founded in January 2020, the chain now has seven warehouses and 63 opened retail appliance stores in most states. The company is continuously expanding its footprint and aims to have at least 300 retail appliance stores owned and operated by exclusive regional distributors by the end of 2023. Frontier is looking to build new partnerships with global brands and offer their products.

Frontier is the exclusive buyer of LG’s THD 48-hour returned appliances, resulting in the annual sale of approximately $85 million worth of LG scratch and dent appliances. The wholesale operation allows the chain to buy large quantities of products to sell to its retail stores at a low price, while the retail end of business builds lasting customer relationships and a strong brand. Operating as both wholesaler and retailer allows the distribution chain to generate stable cash flows.

Frontier Appliances 4 Less specializes in the sale of scratch & dent appliances such as:

  • Refrigerators 

  • Dryers 

  • Dishwashers

  • Microwaves 

  • Ovens

  • Chimney hoods

  • Washers 

  • Oven ranges

  • Laundry pedestals 

  • Stylers

  • Microwave ovens 

  • Cooktops

Note about warranty:

The product we sell is the returned product, therefore it doesn't have the original packing of a brand new product, and without a warranty from the original manufacturer.  And all the original barcode stickers on product have been replaced by new barcode stickers, with new serial number: e.g. "KWxxxxx"

The warranty we provide/sell is the "Extra Warranty", NOT "Original Manufacturer Warranty". We have a highly renowned third party Warranty Company who is responsible for all our customers warranty needs.

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quality Global

"Global Brands, quality assured"

We are dedicated to bringing our customers Quality Major Appliances from brands all over the globe. Currently, we are the biggest re-seller of LG, and plan to expand our brands starting this year to include additional globally recognized brands. Our goal is for when customers purchase major appliances from us, they have a sense of ease, knowing what they have purchased a quality appliance that will last a long time, at the best price they could get.


Our Warehouses

The Regional Distribution Center

Locate your nearest distribution center, or apply to become a regional distribution center. We are expanding our network, and looking forward to grow the business together, with you!